SERVICESRyan Strategic Advisory provides clients across the contact center and BPO spectrum with a variety of value-add, strategic services.

Market insights

With a long history of delivering qualitative and quantitative intelligence for clients across the contact center services ecosystem, Ryan Strategic Advisory specializes in providing actionable data and insights needed to succeed in this dynamic and ever-changing sector.


Brand development

Ryan Strategic Advisory has experience in helping clients grow their presence in the global BPO sector, using a variety of platforms to communicate the most important elements of the outsourcer’s value proposition.

Consultative services

By offering a varied range of bespoke services, clients of Ryan Strategic Advisory can expect realistic, frank business counsel.  Tailored solutions mean rapid resolution to the outsourcing business challenges.

Ryan Strategic Advisory provides clients across the contact center and BPO spectrum with a variety of value-add, strategic services.

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  • Ryan Strategic Advisory and Publish Balkans Front Office BPO Report and Ryan Strategic Advisory, as part of the CxOutsourcers network, are pleased to announce the publication of their report that focuses on the contact center outsourcing opportunity to be found in the Balkans.  This report provides prospective and existing investors with a strategic overview of what is seen as among the last cost-effective nearshore

  • Peter Ryan to Speak at Turkey Call Center Conference & Expo

    Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce that Peter Ryan will be among the keynote speakers at the upcoming Call Center Conference & Expo, which takes places November 6 and 7 in Istanbul, Turkey.  Ryan’s discussion will focus on key challenges being faced by enterprise contact centers. Comments from Peter Ryan upon the announcement that

  • 2018’s Most Favored Offshore Locations to be Unveiled May 24th

    Ryan Strategic Advisory, in conjunction with Knowledge Executive and CxOutsourcers, will be unveiling the top five most favored offshore front-office delivery destinations according to enterprise contact center executives.  These results will be disseminated in a webinar on May 24th at 10:30am ET, which will be moderated by Mark Angus and that will include a panel

INDUSTRY COMMENTARYfrequent updates in which Peter Ryan comments on the latest happenings in the outsourced contact center sector. Expect nothing less than informative, provocative and sometimes controversial musings about the state of front-office BPO.

  • Stakeholders Must be Aligned to Win Offshore BPO Investment

    Ferris Bueller got it right in 1986 —“life moves pretty fast.” This has never been truer in the domain of offshore outsourcing. With more jurisdictions in the nearshore, and fields afar, aiming to attract third-party service provision than at any point in the history of this sector, competition for investment is intense.  But success in

  • Evolving Agent Profile an Opportunity for Front-Office BPOs

    Change is a fact of life.  Consider how peoples’ daily lives have been irreversibly impacted by mobile technology, gig work and the sharing economy.  In the realm of contact centers, enterprise executives are facing their own challenges. Consumer needs are also shifting and generating customer loyalty is now more difficult.  But this is an opportunity

  • Front-Office BPO Consolidation Leaves Little Margin for Buying Errors

    Francis Ford Coppola’s epic film The Godfather is a trove of great scenes, and one is especially applicable in the current consolidation-driven contact center services market. As Michael Corleone and Peter Clemenza discussed, there’s a shakeout among families every five to ten years. To draw a loose parallel between cinema and reality, in front office

  • Front-Office BPOs Must Be Wary of ‘Cool Technology’

    The successful delivery of contact center services relies on the provision of quality customer experience and application of the right technological solutions.  So it is clear that finding ways to interface both agents and end-users with technology that can facilitate a strong interaction goes far in driving customer loyalty.  Many outsourcers already realize that finding