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Aegis Plots a Forward-Looking Front-Office BPO Course

By September 22, 2017January 10th, 2022No Comments

Over the past few years, many front-office BPO players have sought to find their respective footings in what has become an intensely competitive sector.  One of the more consistent players has been India-based provider, Aegis.  Not only has Aegis been able to build up a respected vertical and functional domain expertise, but its move toward digitization has been laid out transparently for both its clients and prospects.  What remains to be seen is how Aegis follows through in its ongoing customer management and experience strategies, once its new ownership takes the reins over the coming months.

For the past decade, Aegis has been one of the most omnipresent BPO providers in the front-office game.  A quick scan of its vertical engagements shows a firm that has been wisely focused on maintaining a diversified client base.  It has had notable success in those industries that traditionally use third-party services, as well as the rapidly-emerging sectors of travel, e-commerce and utilities.  This speaks to the efforts on the part of the company’s leadership to provide the services needed by clients across the front-end value chain.

As a global organization, Aegis has set itself up nicely in the English language beach-heads of the UK, India, South Africa and Australia.  Its expansion in Malaysia was also a sound strategic move from a linguistic perspective, as now it has the APAC and Far East region’s principal consumer languages for the most part covered.  How Aegis looks to expand its European non-English presence will be something that many observers will be contemplating over the coming twenty-four months.

Another aspect that Aegis should emphasize in its market offering is its ability to support customer experience 2.0, better known as the digital contact center paradigm.  And, there is reason for optimism in this regard.

Using the acronym LISA (Listen, Interact, Socialize, Adapt), Aegis has developed the framework of an end-to-end digital architecture, taking into account the various non-voice channels, social networks and back-end elements expected by enterprises looking to work with a third-party.  Since going live, the solution has been well received by industry experts. Aegis has also been partnering with various companies to expand its digital-as-a-service approach. One such offering is ‘Litmus’, a tool that enables clients to immediately capture customer feedback at the point of completion of a transaction through a UI-based input format. With the emphasis so many enterprise contact center managers are placing on digital solutions, Aegis is right to solidly position itself in this regard.

Going into 2018, Aegis has the opportunity to continue its current market trajectory, albeit with new ownership.  ESSAR showed a great deal of pragmatism in allowing Aegis’ executives to run the firm as they saw fit, which was instrumental in the latter’s expansion.  As the new parent seizes the reins, it will be important that it takes the same approach, if Aegis is to continue as a BPO player to watch.