“I have a known Peter for years and he is extremely knowledgeable about our industry along with the key trends of where the market is headed.   We have benefited from his research and insights and he is always willing to tailor the information to meet our business needs. I appreciate his focused, intelligent, and hard-working attitude. Working with him is a pleasure and I am certain that Ryan Strategic Advisory will continue to be successful.”

Bob Dechant
Chief Executive Officer
IBEX Global

“I have engaged with Peter Ryan as a third-party provider for several years, and value his counsel on all aspects of the contact center industry.  He has the breadth of experience that only a seasoned veteran of this sector can provide, and can always be counted on to provide a frank assessment. We at Webhelp have had the opportunity of working with Ryan Strategic Advisory on a number of projects, each of which has added value to our planning efforts.”

Craig Gibson
Chief Commercial Officer
Webhelp UK, India & South Africa

“Peter Ryan has been a trusted advisor and impartial sounding board to myself and Merchants for a decade. We find his input invaluable both because of his deep understanding of the South African market as well as his broad global knowledge. As an analyst, he is a corner stone of the Customer management outsourcing industry, who because of his credibility has the relationships to have real insight.”

Lisa Roos
Business Development Director

“Ryan Strategic Advisory has guided and advised Outsourcing S.A., a BPO contact center provider based in Bogotá Colombia to connect with several strategic partners.  This has helped us to expand our business and exchange best practices with colleagues, which has added real value to our organization. Peter Ryan has a wide knowledge of the nearshore BPO players, and the news posted on his website is a clear tool for every company that is seeking for business opportunities in Latin-America.”

Ricardo Duran
Outsourcing SA

“I have been on the vendor side for almost 15 years where I have had the chance to rely on Peter Ryan’s thorough analysis of the BPO and offshoring global markets for almost a decade. We consider him the “go-to” whenever it comes to quantitative and qualitative analysis, both from a demand as well as supply side to any given market segment. He also offered us the needed guidance in our new location selection throughout our expansion. In a nutshell, relying on Peter’s wealth of advisory and market assessments, we were able to establish trends, identified opportunities in new market and mitigated potential risks”.

Ossama Hanna
EVP of Business Development
Centro Global Solutions

“Peter Ryan has been at the forefront of thought leadership in contact center outsourcing and a great resource for growing organizations like itel BPO. His knowledge of customer experience, delivery strategies and offshoring is second to none. He has always been willing to engage with players in this industry, and his counsel as an advisor is always very valued.”

Yoni Epstein
Chairman and CEO
Itel BPO Solutions

“We engaged Peter in several capacities in support of Knoah Solutions. In his analyst capacity he wrote a detailed and topical white paper for us to enhance our thought leadership in the BPO space. He also was our keynote speaker at a client leadership conference event, providing insight on the current trends around BPO that was very well received. In addition, Peter helped us to navigate the Nearshore outsourcing sector by locating an acquisition target in Honduras that we successfully acquired.”

Ralph Barletta
Knoah Solutions

“Peter Ryan was a key player in helping Grupo Karims identify the right market segments for our Altia Smart City project in Honduras and has provided us with valuable data and insight for many of our strategic decisions. He is one the best known players in the BPO sector and has an excellent work ethic. He was instrumental in bringing nearly a dozen outsourcing leaders from around the world to Honduras to visit our site in San Pedro Sula, which helped generate significant awareness of this country’s BPO value proposition. Our organization greatly appreciates working with Peter and I am sure we will continue to do so for many years.”

Kathia Yacaman
Corporate Marketing and Sales Manager
Grupo Karims, Altia Smart City