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Alorica Innovating in CSR with MLBA

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Corporate efforts to act in a socially responsible fashion are more pronounced today than at any other time in recent history.  Across sectors, there is a recognition among decision-makers that there needs to be a structure in place at the enterprise level to tackle community and environmental ills.  Not only do these efforts mean a great deal to those that benefit from the support, but they also have the potential to drive team member engagement.  In the case of global outsourcer Alorica, the organization is able to achieve this through Making Lives Better with Alorica (MLBA), which is a separate 501(c)(3) non-profit entity that provides support for Alorica employees, families and local communities. Alorica has adopted an innovative approach to corporate social responsibility (CSR) by directly engaging team members and has proven its effectiveness at both the macro and individual level.

One of the benefits of working in outsourcing is witnessing the leadership that this sector collectively, and at the company level, has made in regard to driving different angles of CSR.  This has ranged from pushing green awareness in operations to poverty alleviation in BPO delivery points.  At the recent Alorica Analyst Day in Las Vegas, influencers from around the world had the opportunity to hear more about that company’s unique approach to managing the socially-responsible side of its business, one that has clearly had an impact on team members and broader communities.

MLBA was established in 2015, and is led by the program’s Founder and President Joyce Lee (who also serves as Alorica’s Chief Culture Officer).  This approach to CSR is unique in the sense that while it is a company-wide initiative, it is largely managed at the site level through the nearly 100 employee-led chapters across the U.S., Philippines, Mexico, Canada and Panama. Each different site has in place a committee made up of local leadership and line managers.  The individual chapters raise their own money, either via grassroots fundraising efforts (i.e. bake sales, car washes, etc.) coordinated by Alorica employees or through voluntary contributions made by team members that donate on a regular basis.  MLBA has grown over the past three years across Alorica’s global network of sites; its expansion continued this week with the program’s launch in Panama.  But what is compelling about the MLBA program is its dexterous nature in how it has been able to provide assistance to those who need help.

At the individual level, MLBA has been a means of support for Alorica employees and other individuals in the community who have faced various personal hurdles, including the loss of family members, illness, and significant unexpected financial hardship.  During the recent Alorica analyst event, two Las Vegas team members spoke about how MLBA helped them overcome health challenges and come back to work when they were better. These were powerful first-hand accounts of the program at work.  Equally, the program has proven effective in helping mitigate the impacts of large-scale disasters, such as Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Irma, and the 2016 flooding that occurred in Louisiana.  The MLBA program was instrumental in getting supplies to communities impacted by these occurrences, with efforts being coordinated by Alorica team members at different sites around the country.

MLBA is important both in terms of those who benefit from the support that it provides, and in the broader CSR context.  It is one of a number of programs that have become part of the DNA of forward-looking outsourcing companies around the world.  The ability to help those in need cannot be underestimated. Empowering team members to assist each other and the broader community can provide benefits that are priceless.