Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to offer its readers a special take on the American nearshore, written by research analyst Sean Goforth.

Drawing on data collected in the 2020 Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey, this document outlines the most important commercial facets that outsourcing players need to know, both those that are already in the American nearshore as well as ones that are exploring entry into this region.

The post-pandemic period will be a challenge for contact center service providers, and understanding both the outsourcing opportunities and challenges from a nearshore perspective will be essential.  Equally, having insight into the granular nuances across Mexico, Central America, Colombia and the Caribbean will help BPOs and their clients make more informed front-office service decisions.

Key issues discussed in this cutting-edge research include buying priorities for US and Canadian enterprise executives, changes in favorability among North American contact center buyers, emerging front-office locations within the region and how the main trends impacting the American nearshore will evolve into 2021.

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