Develop your understanding of prospects and get inside the CX buyer’s mind

Gain precise insights into the enterprise buyer to increase your company’s relevance and value in the market.

Understanding the target buyer is a priority for any credible outsourcing company. With uncertain markets, outsourcers need to have a contemporary understanding of what the buy-side community wants from their CX partners.

Ryan Strategic Advisory helps CX companies understand their prospects’ priorities and ensure their offers are aligned, providing an in-depth look at:

  • How the CX buying market is evolving
  • What the CX buyer is looking for
  • The priorities and pain points of enterprise CX decision-makers
  • Where CX providers need to be relevant
  • What investments to make in therms of people, processes, and technology
  • How to better price, position, and market CX service or technology solutions

Driven by each client’s specific requirements, the process includes quantitative surveys, qualitative research with CX thought leaders, and experience-based analysis. Ryan Strategic Advisory uses this triangulation of sources to develop the insights companies need to attract enterprise CX buyers and find long-term alignment with the buying community.

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Front Office Omnibus Survey

The annual Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office Omnibus Survey is seen as the most comprehensive sounding of enterprise customer experience buyers in key demand markets. It includes thought-provoking findings collected from over 600 enterprise contact center decision-makers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, and Australia.

Each iteration includes insights on:

  • The evolution of work-from-home CX delivery
  • The propensity of enterprises to outsource customer management
  • The most favored offshore CX delivery locations
  • Captive contact center investment flexibility
  • The key differentiators that enterprises seek in a CX outsourcing partner
  • Enterprise demand for advanced customer experience technologies
  • Business continuity priorities
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Targeted regional insight for entering a new market.