Without a doubt, one of the most important issues that contact center outsourcing executives face in strategic decision-making is how best to turn problems into opportunity.  There are a number of ways that this can be addressed, but experienced players understand that engaging with experts in a neutral forum is one of the most efficient means of gaining unbiased and actionable intelligence.  This is the driver behind CxOutsourcers, an exclusive go-to event that engages the best thought leaders and matches them with front-office BPO professionals in an atmosphere designed to challenge conventional thinking, all while provoking innovation.

The logic behind the CxOutsourcers mindshare group is simple. Front-office BPO executives have too few opportunities to connect with members of the influencer community, subject matter experts, and their own colleagues from around the world where the purpose is to gain insight into the matters that will impact how they do business over the coming year.  But, that is precisely what CxOutsourcers has succeeded in doing, proven in its most recent event in Las Vegas during Q2 of 2018 as noted by a number of front-office BPO executives in this video.

Delegates from Both emerging and global front-office BPO providers attended the sold-out Las Vegas summit. At CxOutsourcers, they had the opportunity to learn about captive contact center challenges, shifting consumer behavior, the application of automation in tomorrow’s contact center and what enterprise executives are likely to look for in a third-party partner.  Alongside some fun activities, which included noted mafia expert and UNLV Professor David Schwartz explaining lessons in leadership based on Bugsy Siegel’s life, delegates left the event with significant market insights.  Now, as 2020 approaches, CxOutsourcers has never been more important.  And, this is why the next such event has been scheduled for March 25 – 26 2019 in Windsor, UK.

With more pressure to compete than ever before, front-office BPO providers are eager to find out the right angles with which to go to market and what opportunities lie in front of them.  At the March 2019 CxOutsourcers, a star list of international speakers will delve into topics of a strategic nature, including navigating omnichannel customer experience, the contact center of the future, being ready with the right cyber-security measures, the evolving offshore, trends in home-based delivery and how best to leverage AI in CX.  This will be in addition to presentations on recent market research surrounding enterprise customer experience delivery dynamics and a panel discussion from enterprise contact center buyers that span a number of verticals.  That this event will be occurring at The Sir Christopher Wren Hotel, perhaps one the most picturesque venues in the world, is an added bonus.

The reality is that outsourcing executives’ time is valuable, and they must be selective of the events they attend.  CxOutsourcers is an ideal forum to learn new market trends, share experiences, and forge new partnerships.  Hearing from buyers directly about how they plan to engage with outsourcers and what they expect from third-party partners will also be invaluable.  Needless to say, this will be time well spent.  To learn more about how to attend the 2019 CxOutsourcers, please click here.