Make no mistake about it, the ability for contact center service providers to compete in 2020 and beyond is more challenging than at any time in the history of outsourcing.  However, with those challenges comes opportunity, but outsourcing leaders need to ‘play the game’ strategically and thoughtfully.  With so many shifts in how the ever-maturing consumer interacts with business, and the extent to which enterprise executives are holding their customer experience (CX) partners to account, there is no room for error in delivering support.  Buyers are intensely scrutinizing each business model, delivery platform and technology.

It is in this spirit that CxOutsourcers 2020, taking place June 22 – 23 in Las Vegas, brings together key stakeholders in CX to discuss, debate and deliberate on the most vital issues facing third-party delivery.

Since its inception in 2018, CxOutsourcers has been at the forefront of the most relevant challenges and opportunities that outsourced contact center operators face.  The 2020 event, being hosted at MeetLV in the up-and-coming Downtown neighborhood continues this tradition.  Bringing together a disruptive line-up of speakers, CxOutsourcers 2020 will shed light on what the third-party contact center community needs to consider in order to compete more effectively moving forward.

One current hot-topic among providers will be covered in the headline presentation focusing on the changing nature of the labor force and how this impacts outsourced contact centers.  With more individuals in key demand markets choosing to telecommute from home or engage in gig working, the ability for operators to adapt accordingly to accommodate these labor pool needs will be interrogated at CxOutsourcers.

Equally, there is no denying the ongoing impact of advanced technologies in the contact center environment. Automation and artificial intelligence are re-shaping customer experience.  CxOutsourcers 2020 will address this dynamic head on, with the goal of providing a clear line of sight as to where third-party providers need to be positioned in terms of their respective investments in these emerging solutions.

So, too, is the matter of how providers can best address the growing challenge of distinguishing themselves from the rest of their current and growing global competition.  In the past few years, many have struggled to communicate effectively with the influencer community, thus limiting their visibility.  CxOutsourcers will deliver a roadmap for those experienced in influencer networking as well as those new to this aspect of the business, by providing strategies that will support their presence among the thought leaders who directly impact BPO procurement decisions.

Factor in discussions around managing the expansion of emerging channels, identifying exciting new delivery points in the nearshore / offshore, as well as what buyers of contact center services are looking for in delivery partners and it adds up to make CxOutsourcers 2020 in Las Vegas the event that discerning customer experience service providers cannot afford to miss.  The ability to compete in a consolidating, dynamic global sector is difficult in the best of times.  This simply re-enforces why being present for the latest insights from the world’s recognised CX thought-leaders is crucial to front-office BPO success in 2020 and beyond.