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HGS Chiswick Site Validates the Value of London Contact Center Delivery

By November 17, 2016August 31st, 2021No Comments

The UK has long been one of the most sophisticated markets for third-party contact center delivery. The ability to deliver service from domestic sites remains a popular option for British enterprises, with many choosing to locate their points of delivery in the midlands, the north or Ulster, in order to avoid the heavy operating costs of the south-east. However, HGS has been able to drive value for a number of premium-brand clients from their site in Chiswick (just to the west of central London), which appears to have found a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality delivery.

What strikes immediately when visiting the HGS Chiswick operation is company’s clear ability to accentuate value by the strategic choices they have made in terms of the services that they provide from this site. A great deal of this value centers around its agents; for example, in the greater London area, HGS has recruited a scalable team that has fluency in both widely-spoken European languages all the way to dialects used only in other regions of the world. According to HGS, while finding such linguistic skills is possible in other parts of the UK, being located in London provides an additional level of fluidity to this recruitment process.

Another aspect of the Chiswick deployment that is noteworthy concerns HGS’ ability to onboard specialized talent. A striking aspect of their client delivery from this site relates to a campaign supporting baby products, which to a large degree is being staffed by team members that include certified nutritionists and midwives.  These individuals are tasked not only with answering queries concerning their client’s product lines, but in some cases also provide guidance on more medically-driven questions. The capacity to find such a refined, certified skill-set in required volumes to work in a contact center is accentuated being located in one of Europe’s largest metropolitan areas.

A final note on HGS’ facility in Chiswick that cannot be understated relates to channel delivery. Within the site, HGS agents support clients across both traditional communications mediums as well as social media, webchat and video chat. In the case of video, the client in question is a luxury automobile manufacturer, and multilingual agents provide both pre-sale and post-sale assistance for consumers in a technologically-modern setting, complete with requisite backdrops denoting the brand being supported. HGS was clear that being in London was essential in finding the video chat agent profile in the numbers to needed to grow this campaign.

Contact center delivery from the greater London area is not an impossibility. Clearly, given the city’s higher cost base, it is not a location for large-scale transactional voice-only deployments. However, as HGS has proven in Chiswick, by targeting firms that require an accentuated level of skill needed for premium brands, both clients and consumers can benefit.