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Higher-Value Services Crucial for Social Media CX Outsourcing

By December 8, 2020January 10th, 2024No Comments

Increasingly, the information that can be collected from a voice or dogital interaction is proving to be worth its weight in gold.  In the case of social media, this has taken on a life of its own.  Social media’s distinctive facets promise a better opportunity to not only drive great outcomes for end-users but also to use the various networks to better understand the marketplace.  With an abundance of information on social media to be gathered, assessed and acted upon, outsourcers are better placed than ever to sell higher-value services to enterprises eager to gain an edge in their respective sectors.

The growth of social media as a contact channel has been well documented. Today, with many end-users preferring to ask questions of firms from which they buy products or services in these forums, enterprises need to respond in kind with social media contact mechanisms.  No one should underestimate the extent to which this phenomenon has taken hold. In fact, social networks now account for the second-most deployed channel by enterprise contact centers, according to the 2020 Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey.

Yet, the front-line is just one part of the social media CX value proposition.  In fact, this channel affords BPOs the opportunity to support their clients in a myriad of higher-value services, alongside direct end-user interactions.

One such higher-margin area relates to moderation. The extent to which social networks are being used to share opinions that may not directly pertain to the service or product that an enterprise has on offer is a CX bugbear.  And, while many organizations simply do not have the know-how or resources to adequately police forums, leaving inaccurate or inflammatory comments in place is also not an option.  BPOs that are able to offer their enterprise clients a solution that is cost-effective and efficient in identifying / removing erroneous posts will be in a strong position.

So, too, will those providers that can delve deeper into content analysis. A forward-looking outsourcer can truly differentiate its social media offering in this domain.  Consider that this is one channel in which networks are open, and with the right tools, data can be analyzed.  Thus, BPO players that aim to compete better in social media need to have robust social listening solutions in place (as well as the associated expertise) to provide enterprise clients with the in-depth analysis around all aspects of the current marketplace.  These include competitive dynamics, industry trends, benchmarking their own offerings, or even what is happening at a local level for subsets of consumers. Such intelligence is vital for enterprises that seek to respond quickly to end-users and get ahead of the competition.

Outsourcers are in a unique position to bring these higher-value services for social media to the table.   These offerings are highly complex, requiring significant expertise. And for many enterprises with cash strapped CX departments, in-house solutions will be out of reach.  Still, with so many firms deploying their own social media channels, working with a partner for strategic intelligence functionality may be a ripe opportunity.  This is why those outsourcers without these capabilities in place need to onboard the relevant social media technologies and subject-matter experts as soon as possible, with a view to marketing them to enterprise prospects aggressively.