Any contact center professional knows the perils of staying stuck in the ways of the past.  To simply silo customer care, technical support, and outbound sales is outmoded.  In today’s environment, it is essential that contact center agents have the ability to drive revenue wherever possible, leveraging agents that are empowered to do so with the right tools.  For front-office BPO executives who are anxious to cement relationships with enterprises, having a tool at their disposal that increases the value of interactions could be a game changer. If properly aligned within individual contact centers, Honeybee Solutions’ offering has the potential to help contact center professionals achieve this objective.

There is no patience among enterprise executives for contact center operations that are money pits.  The expectation is that any customer experience delivery conduit also needs to generate revenues, which at the very least will offset CRM costs; and, in an ideal world, this would lead to greater levels of profitability.  For outsourcers offering customer experience services, this concept has been a priority for the past decade, with many positioning themselves as the logical partner to help enterprises drive a steady stream of revenue on the back of voice and digital interactions.  Logically, success in this endeavor would be represented by a sticky base of clients. But, the provider is only as good as the revenue-generating tools with which they equip their agents.

This is where Honeybee Solutions stands to make a difference for outsourcers.  Born from successful application in the retail environment of Carphone Warehouse, the tool was designed for agents to better understand the customer’s needs and make the right recommendation from a large number of possible buying options, while providing insight for businesses to refine their customer experience management strategy. Honeybee’s leadership has since then expanded the offering to the contact center.  Using gamification principles, it helps agents suggest the right options for end-users, whether it be a cellular telephone package, financial service products or computer equipment.  Doing so in real time, the agent positions choices to the end-user dynamically, meaning minimal lag and a natural interaction flow.

Clearly, Honeybee can be a powerful tool for the front-office outsourcing community.  When used in either inbound or outbound sales environments, its functionality can truly help in the buying process.  Not only does this result is happier customers, it also means less-stressed agents (thereby impacting attrition positively) and enterprise executives that are happier as topline moves northward.

There is also an education component to this imperative.  As outlined in the 2017 Omnibus Survey published by Ryan Strategic Advisory, the bulk of enterprise contact centers in North America, the UK and Australia anticipate being financially squeezed through the current year, meaning that their ability to procure any cutting-edge solution that helps drive new sales will be out of reach.  Thus, it is incumbent upon third-party providers that can offer these revenue generation capabilities to impress upon clients what these solutions can do, as well as their own expertise in applying them optimally.  Those that take this step will benefit from greater client loyalty, which in today’s market cannot be understated.