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Human Capital at the Heart of Poland’s IT Value Proposition

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Enterprise buyer demands of their IT services partners have never been so complex.  Today’s client has diverse requirements, and requires flawless execution.  This is driving many organizations to sleuth out locations for technology teams that are stable, accessible, and most importantly, rich in talent.  Thus, it is no surprise that Poland has emerged as a destination of choice for many companies that are anxious to diversify their tech footprint.

From a commercial perspective, this makes sense.  Since the fall of communism, successive generations of IT pioneers have cultivated Poland’s technology terrain, so that now one can deliver projects ranging from the straightforward to the complex.  Much of this has to do with the strong base of Polish IT talent to draw from, and local provider Winged IT is at the forefront of cultivating these efforts.

New Technology Demands Mean Delivery Location Diversification

Over the years, many firms have shunned the policy of housing the bulk of their technology functions in a single or a few far-off overseas locations. Rather, there is a rapidly growing preference for delivery points that are closer to home, and that can provide a layer of redundancy against risk.  In fact, the recently-released survey of enterprise outsourcing buyers by Ryan Strategic Advisory shows that a nearshore presence is a strong advantage for any services provider.  This need for diversification has driven many executives to look at Central & Eastern Europe, most notably Poland, as an alternative to legacy deployments in other parts of the world.

Why Poland as an IT Services Alternative?

With so many possible choices for new IT service destinations, it is understandable why those not familiar with Poland want to learn more about its tech strengths.  The reality is that this Central European country brings several key IT strengths to the table.  These include:

  • Scale – Poland has a population of nearly 40 million, much of which is distributed across multiple cities;
  • Tech talent – As laid out by a recent SkillValue publication, Poland has recently been ranked among the top 5 locations in the world in which to find the best developers and coders;
  • Accessibility – Poland’s major cities are a rail trip to the rest of the European Union or a short flight to the UK. And it is becoming increasingly straightforward to access Poland directly from North America, via shorter flights than to traditional IT destinations in Asia.

It is in this vein that Poland’s upstart IT services community is driving value for clients across Europe and overseas.  Winged IT is at the center of these efforts and is drawing more attention than ever as a flexible technology provider of note.

Winged IT Driving Value for Poland’s IT Service Clients

Despite being a relatively new player in Poland’s technology services scene, Winged IT is disrupting in all the right ways for its clients.  Founded in 2017, Winged IT has rapidly won clients from several dozen firms in North America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.  As part of the Soflab Group, the firm is diversified across 4 Polish cities, employing over 400 people that service several cutting-edge sectors, including robotics, aerospace, e-commerce and e-learning, to name a few.

But what makes Winged IT an interesting Polish IT services provider is the flexible three-pronged business model it offers clients.  It can serve as a head-hunter by working with enterprises to source the best possible candidates through a quality-driven vetting process.  For those not looking to recruit permanent teams, it provides traditional third-party services for enterprises in which Winged IT-contracted technologists are placed within the clients’ organizations.  Also, Winged IT responds to market needs via the establishment of local Polish subsidiaries for its clients, effectively becoming a one-stop shop for all licensing, recruitment and real estate needs. This progressive approach to IT service management reflects the desire of today’s enterprises to work with providers that are adaptable to changing needs.

Poland is rapidly emerging as a destination of choice for IT services. Its sizable population coupled with strong technology talent pool complements the country’s straightforward accessibility from major commercial centers.  Winged IT is riding this wave, with a suite of IT service offerings that are pertinent to buyers from across sectors.