Achieving the best possible outcomes in a CX setting relies on accessing top-flight talent and resources. For an outsourcer to do so, it must have the right footprint where it counts.  These investments, spread out across different regions, are simply a cost of doing business for global BPOs.  However, for players in the emerging category, the partnering model can help leverage different sites quickly and with limited cash outlays.

The most recent example of this business model being put into action is the deal announced between UK-based outsourcer Ventrica and Cape Town BPO upstart Intersect-HP.  In this partnering arrangement, Ventrica will work directly with Intersect-HP using voice and digital channels to support British end-users from its operations in Western Cape.

This is a clear example of the extent to which outsourcing disruptors like Ventrica and Intersect-HP can play off of each other’s strengths in a partnering setting. And, as a consequence, it also helps to re-enforce Cape Town’s status as a leading CX delivery destination.

Cape Town is a location of choice with a record in customer experience management that few urban competitors can match.  As an offshore CX delivery point, it is arguably the most mature city in sub-Saharan Africa. Today it counts some of the largest outsourcers and in-house operators as legacy investors.

Much of this owes to an economic model long championed by the governments of Western Cape and the municipality of Cape Town.  Domestic and global operators have been attracted to the region because of the determination of successive administrations to offer business-friendly policies and regulations.  Furthermore Cape Town’s outsourcers, its proactive industry association in the form of CapeBPO, and relevant public bodies have long emphasized agent training. This priority now pays hefty dividends in the form of a skilled and scalable front-line labor force.

Largely as a result of these efforts, South Africa has been ranked as the most favored offshore customer management destination over the last two years, according to the Ryan Strategic Advisory 2022 Front Office CX Omnibus Survey.

The deal between Ventrica and Intersect-HP promises significant lift-off.  Ventrica has been a proactive player in leveraging quality delivery points recently. This was highlighted about a year ago in Ventrica’s decision to service British consumers by entering the Jamaican market. In so doing, it became the first UK BPO to make such a move.  Now, by diversifying its global footprint with its Intersect-HP partnership, it has the chance to marshal the resources from two of the most reliable and sought-after English language destinations in the world, according to British enterprise CX buyers.

And no one should underestimate the advantage of working with Intersect-HP.  Since its inception at the hands of George Todd and Darren Arnold, two of the CX industry’s most trusted hands, this Cape Town-based operator has been at the forefront of hybrid customer management delivery.  Ventrica’s clients are well-positioned to benefit from Intersect-HP’s work atmosphere that melds on-site delivery alongside cutting edge technologies that allow agents to perform at their best.

At the end of the day, the BPO partnerships that are most productive are those where the parties find the best advantages possible.  In the case of Ventrica, it gains access to the Western Cape as a delivery point, as well as the bench strength and energy of working with Intersect-HP.  Equally, Intersect-HP will be formally associated with one of the fastest-growing players in the UK, which will only help to firm up its standing as an offshore provider of choice.

Image sourced from slack12 under Creative Commons license