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Knoah Solutions Wisely Leverages Las Vegas’ Value

By December 12, 2016August 31st, 2021No Comments

In the current business climate, locating strong domestic points for contact center delivery has never been more important. This paradigm is one in which Knoah Solutions has come out advantageously, by way of its new command center in Las Vegas, a city with significant BPO potential.  With an excellent infrastructure, good cost base and strong talent pool from which to draw, Knoah Solutions may indeed have played their cards right with their recent Las Vegas expansion.

As a player of growing influence in the US market, Knoah Solutions saw the need for a domestic contact center delivery location where they could recruit a team of agents well-versed in customer care and where operating costs would be stable. The choice of Las Vegas seems to have paid out; the recent move to a larger building with more capacity speaks to the confidence that Knoah’s executives have in that city from a contact center perspective.

More broadly, Knoah’s move validates Las Vegas as a center of excellence for front-office BPO delivery.  Objectively, Las Vegas is no longer a city focused solely on the gambling traveler, as the local economy continues to diversify aggressively.  However, when recruiting agents, contact center outsourcers are well-placed to take advantage of the city’s omnipresent customer service culture.  Many Las Vegas residents have experience working in hospitality, with some estimates placing this figure at more than 250,000. Inherently, with access to a such a large workforce experienced in customer management, front-office BPO vendors operating in Las Vegas have an immediate competitive advantage.

Another strength related to Las Vegas from a BPO perspective is its linguistic demographic.  With nearly one-third of the city having Hispanic roots, there is a strong degree of fluidity of available talent that can support domestic bilingual programs.  This will be especially important in sectors such as health care where enterprises aim to service US Spanish-speaking consumers, but that may be restricted from moving operations into the nearshore, due to compliance reasons.

Affordability is another advantage that Las Vegas has in its favor.  This was validated by the most recent Competitive Alternatives report by KPMG, which indicated that the city’s business cost base is marginally less expensive than the US average. That local levels of unemployment are about 2% higher than the national rate will also help tamp down agent-related inflation.  And, from a practical standpoint, it is inexpensive (and easy) for BPO executives to travel to-and-from Las Vegas, with its airport being one of the best-served in the US.

Knoah Solutions has successfully leveraged Las Vegas for the reasons above, a strategy that has been validated by its recent local expansion.  Lower costs, good transport connections and access to customer-savvy, bilingual recruits count significantly in the city’s favor.  As Las Vegas’ economy continues to evolve, there is no question that it will continue to serve as an impressive location for US contact center delivery.