Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce the publication of its latest thought-leadership report, Europe and the Nearshore: Between Geopolitics, Recession and Resilience.

Written by Sean Goforth, Director of Syndicated Research at Ryan Strategic Advisory, this document outlines the key facets of outsourcing delivery in Central / Eastern Europe and North Africa.  Among the most important trends in Europe and the nearshore, the report analyzes:

  • Western European buyer expectations of nearshore European partners
  • WFH and hybrid delivery models within Western Europe
  • Factors driving high favorability of Poland and Egypt among West European CX buyers
  • How instability is hurting BPO growth in certain Balkan countries
  • The emergence of North Macedonia as an outsourcing destination to watch.

“Several countries in Europe’s nearshore have met the uncertainty of geopolitics by reinvesting in human talent and coupling linguistic strengths with adoption of AI and other leading CX technologies,” says Sean Goforth. “Still, many nations rely on just one or two delivery destinations, a source of fragility that bears close attention.”

Europe and the Nearshore: Between Geopolitics, Recession and Resilience draws extensively on data from the 2023 Front Office CX Omnibus Survey.  Of the 712 enterprise CX decision-makers who participated, roughly 400 are based in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK.

According to Peter Ryan, Ryan Strategic Advisory founder and Principal Analyst, this year’s research highlights both continuity and emerging shifts in the European nearshore: “There can be little doubt that there are destinations within the European nearshore that have truly stood the test of time, and continue to disrupt CX delivery in their own way.  Poland’s resilience across Western Europe’s boardrooms continues at a steady march; the same can be said for Egypt, which not only has among the greatest appeal across CX buying markets, but was identified by German enterprises as the number one offshore choice for customer management service.”

“What makes this year’s study so exciting is the emergence of new country options for clients,” Ryan added, “Georgia, Kosovo, and North Macedonia—all are on the cusp of something big from a BPO perspective.”

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