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Local Vendors at the Heart of Nearshore BPO Innovation

By July 25, 2017September 17th, 2021No Comments

Outsourcing in the Americas is comprised of a patchwork of players.  And, in the domain of the nearshore, some of the most exciting activity in front-office BPO seems more to be coming from local providers anxious to make a name for themselves.  As nearshoring matures, this new wave of home-grown entrepreneurs is refreshing, as it signals the long-term viability of the contact center industry in these countries, as well as the positive disruption that emerging providers can bring to any sector.

Looking across the Caribbean and Latin America, it is satisfying to see how over the past decade the nearshore has grown from only a handful of locations to over a dozen viable countries from which to deliver customer experience.  A great deal of this success has been due to large-scale, global players entering individual countries and proving to clients that their end-users can be serviced to a very high-level from these nearshore sites.

However, as the nearshore moves into its second decade, a trend is emerging in which home-grown operators are driving growth and innovation within their domestic contact center environments.  This should come as no surprise; after all, many local entrepreneurs found their way into outsourcing by working at multinational operations, prior to putting out their own shingle.  But, an equally large number came to the industry of their own volition, with the aim of providing exceptional customer experience by leveraging the talent found in their home shores.

Today, to coin a phrase, the proof is in the pudding.

Across the American nearshore more local outsourcing vendors are expanding the scope of delivery into the US and Canada, and in some cases, aggressively seeking out other demand markets overseas. Two excellent examples of such firms include Outsourcing SA in Colombia, and Caribbean market leader, itel BPO.  These two firms have proven themselves great examples of this home-grown BPO trend, with their respective founders both having been recognized by Nearshore Americas’ Nexus Illuminate Awards in 2016 and 2017 for their outsourcing entrepreneurial achievements.

The ongoing expansion of local providers is extremely helpful to the nearshore industry.  For one, it keeps the sector competitive, in terms of pricing and delivery efficiencies.  Equally, many of the home-grown vendors bring to the table a great deal of insight into the nuances pertaining to less-obvious domestic delivery points, which would not necessarily be as evident for multinational players just entering new markets.  The role that these locally-owned firms play in keeping regulations favorably-oriented to the contact center sector cannot be understated, given the connections that many of these home-grown players have with regional and national government bodies.

The American nearshore is stronger today than it has ever been, and this is due in no small part to the energy driven by so many local contact center outsourcing entrepreneurs within the region.  The buoyancy provided by these outsourcers is certain to help keep the Latin American and Caribbean front-office space vibrant for prospective and existing clients across a growing number of demand markets.  It is a source of celebration, and can only benefit the sustainability of BPO in the Americas.