Ryan Strategic Advisory has published a new report on the impact of CX service delivery in Europe’s nearshore following the invasion of Ukraine by Russia earlier this year.

Written by Sean Goforth, Ryan Strategic Advisory’s Director of Syndicated Research, this report heavily leverages findings from the recently-published 2022 Front Office CX Omnibus Survey, which sounded the views of over 400 enterprise contact center decision-makers across countries in Western Europe including France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom.

The findings of this study conclude that stability has emerged as a key differentiator in the decision to choose a European nearshore destination.  The current geopolitical dynamics have had an impact on the selections that enterprises are making, especially as it pertains to locations in Central and Eastern Europe.

This report is essential reading for any outsourcer that is looking to better understand the dynamics of Europe’s nearshore options and for enterprises that wish to determine locations most suited to their CX needs.

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