Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce the publication of North America and the Nearshore: the Search for Post-Pandemic Stability. This new, ground-breaking report covers the current trends in CX delivery within the American nearshore.

Written by Director of Syndicated Research, Sean Goforth, this annual publication outlines the state of the industry and important competitive trends pertaining to the established delivery destinations that include Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and Colombia.  Among the most important themes covered in this report is the desire among clients of BPO services in the United States and Canada to source delivery from locations that afford a high degree of stability, whether it be political, public security or economic.

This publication also highlights the extent to which country-level competition is driving innovation in the American nearshore.  Notably, there is a growing interest among clients for emerging locations in the English-speaking Caribbean. Buyers also perceive delivery from Mexico as offering enhanced, long term CX value.

“Certainly service delivery for US end-users continues to dominate nearshore investment flows, but what’s remarkable is how Latin America and the Caribbean are globalizing,” Goforth says, “In a world of uncertainty, outsourcers are eyeing parts of the region as a refuge of stability for service delivery to end-users in Canada, the UK and elsewhere.”

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