Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce its latest report, Profiles in Emerging Outsourcer Success, which analyzes the achievements of a series of up and coming BPO providers.

Based on research and interviews conducted in Q1 2022, Profiles in Emerging Outsourcer Success highlights the principal elements of achievement for five third-party operators.  Key themes that surface include the willingness of these outsourcers to embrace new technologies, inclusive approaches to team management, and entrepreneurship.

The providers in this report represent different regions, with operations in Bahrain, Albania, the UK, the American nearshore and South Africa. It is an important illustration of how emerging BPO operators are making their presence known across the world.

“Cloud-based platforms and hybrid work have helped assure these outsourcers growth in recent years,” says Ryan Strategic Advisory Director of Syndicated Research Sean Goforth. “But these firms are proving what it means to be disruptive in other ways,” he notes. “They strive to preserve a healthy work-life balance for agents. And they gauge success based on building effective partnerships with clients.”

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