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Outsourcing SA Differentiates with Press 2 for Spanish

By September 22, 2020January 10th, 2024No Comments

Nearshore contact center outsourcers are undoubtedly anxious to diversify their respective client bases by gaining a toehold in the US, a strategy that promises higher margins that are associated with servicing American consumers.  Recently, Colombia-based provider Outsourcing SA has introduced Press 2 for Spanish, a Spanish-language delivery option specifically for US enterprises and their Hispanic consumers.  This approach is unique in the context of nearshoring, and it makes a great deal of sense.  Spanish speakers in the US enjoy growing influence, and the ability to provide quality service is a solid differentiator.  Given that Outsourcing SA has formalized such an offering, it will be a distinguishing factor when this firm prospects American clients.

The tale of the tape is compelling when looking at the US Hispanic community.  Estimates put the number of Spanish-speaking US residents at just over 60 million – a figure that is equivalent to Italy’s population, while exceeding that of South Africa or Poland.  To provide further context, this community’s size in Los Angeles alone is roughly that of Denmark.  From a consumer perspective, this group’s economic strength continues to assert itself.  According the US Census Bureau, household revenues of US Hispanics have increased significantly over the past 20 years, and they show no signs of stopping.  With more disposable income to spend on goods and services, there is little question that enterprises across the industry spectrum would want to court this demographic’s business.

This is where the initiative from Outsourcing SA makes a great deal of sense.  To be clear, a very large number of BPO providers that play in the US market have taken on capacity in some form to service the American Spanish-speaking community. This is nothing new. But, more often than not, this approach is part of a broader US-centric package that concentrates on bilingual capabilities, with Spanish and English sharing equal footing.

By differentiating on the basis of branding a specific Spanish-language option for the US, Outsourcing SA recognizes the Hispanic community’s distinctness as a segment of the American consumer population. Logically, this positions Outsourcing SA as a thought leader in this regard. In such a context, this provider has carved out a niche for itself among BPOs playing in the US market. Given the importance that more companies are placing on supporting Spanish-speaking Americans, Outsourcing SA has the potential to be seen as a trailblazing specialist by enterprise buyers that are looking for a partner that can provide such an expertise-based alternative.

From a broader perspective, Outsourcing SA comes to the table with several advantages as it takes this offering to market in the US.  One clear point of strength is the favorability of its base of operations, Colombia.  In the recently published 2020 Front Office BPO Omnibus Survey by Ryan Strategic Advisory, Colombia was ranked as the 6th most favored offshore contact center location by US customer experience service buyers. It is also the second-most popular American nearshore destination, according to the same survey sample.  Colombia offers a favorable price point, its Spanish accents are reputed to be among the most neutral in the nearshore region, and the country enjoys political and economic stability. All of these factors bolster Outsourcing SA’s offering.  With Press 2 for Spanish, this firm, which has been operating since the early 1990s, has potentially changed how approaching the US Spanish-speaking community will be from a customer experience perspective.  The way in which competition for this same market reacts is likely to be swift.