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PACE Summit Showcases Customer Experience Imperative

By April 20, 2017January 10th, 2022No Comments

One certainty over the past several years in North American CRM is that while there are loads of trade shows, those that get to the crux of today’s issues are diamonds in the rough.  The recent 2017 PACE Association Convention & Expo held in Tampa falls into that category.  With the contact center sector in a period of aggressive evolution, the event provided clarity on several contentious topics.  It will be important for contact center managers that were in attendance to heed the advice of those expert speakers when formulating their customer experience strategies.

If there was one take away from the PACE event, it was that no matter how it is sliced, customer experience must be the key driver for all strategic contact center decisions. This was brought home in one of the keynote addresses by Jamie Siminoff, during which he weaved together the story of Ring Inc., from the context of a small start-up through to its current form, and how at the heart of its success was putting the consumer first.  However, what was truly reflective of this imperative were the breakout sessions, which were chalk full of discussion around the tactics of nailing customer experience strategy.

More than likely, event attendees faced tough decisions on which of the important breakout seminars to attend.  Whether omni-channel delivery, specific industry customer service strategies, vendor management, financial models or investigating the potential of artificial intelligence, no one interested in being at the vanguard of contact centers went away hungry.  But, there was one theme across these discussions that remained the common denominator.

How to provide the best possible customer experience clearly transcends traditional contact center lines, and that was very clear based on the PACE presentations.  No longer can the elements of strong customer interactions be placed into silos. Rather, each interconnects with the others meaning the need for a holistic cross-functional approach from contact center managers. What was clear from the breakout speakers at the recent PACE event was that the individual elements of contact center delivery are getting more complex.  The keynote speakers provided the real-life application of how to bring these parts of the puzzle together to deliver first-rate customer experience.

Going into the rest of 2017, the challenge for customer experience executives and contact center managers is evident. To win, retain and grow end-users, they must map out the most important objectives in their CRM strategy, optimizing their core and peripheral contact center elements as part of this exercise.  And, enterprises that are committed to good commercial results have no time to waste. The PACE conference provided attendees with a good base of knowledge and experience-based insight. It is now up to the attendees to follow through on this mind-share.