Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce that its founder and Principal Analyst Peter Ryan is joining the CX Files as co-host.

The CX Files was founded in 2018 by Mark Hillary, the CEO of Carnaby Content.  Over its time on the air, this podcast has emerged as the go-to listening point for all matters related to customer experience management.  Topics discussed on the podcast each week include technology, CX delivery models, industry-specific customer management issues, BPO and broader challenges related to interacting with end-users.  Since its inception, more 130 episodes of the CX Files have been published.

In Peter’s first episode as co-host, he interviews two upstart CX entrepreneurs about their experience delivering interactions to American consumers from Mexican communities along the border with the US

The CX Files appears each week on Fridays, and can be downloaded or streamed from all major podcast listening platforms.

For more information on the CX Files please email Peter Ryan here.