Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce that Peter Ryan will be participating at Sourcing Decisions 2017, which takes place in Toronto on March 2nd.  This conference will be the first organized by Nearshore Americas in Canada.  It will showcase the most important trends regarding business disruptors (such as automation, artificial intelligence and digitization) in the ‘northern nearshore’.  Peter Ryan will be chairing a panel featuring distinguished outsourcing and enterprise leaders discussing trends in digital customer service delivery.

Peter Ryan had the following comments on his participation in Sourcing Decisions 2017 – ‘I am very honored to be taking part in what promises to be the most important conference of its kind in Canada during 2017.  Not only is the Canadian economy rapidly transforming, but it remains an increasingly attractive investment option for both outsourcers and vendors.  I look forward to a robust panel discussion and the chance to connect with some of the true leaders in Canadian business.”

For more information on Sourcing Decisions 2017, please contact Nichole Bernard, Event Manager at nichole@nicholeleeevents.com