Front Office Omnibus Survey

The annual Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office Omnibus Survey is seen as the most comprehensive sounding of enterprise customer experience buyers in key demand markets. It includes thought-provoking findings collected from over 600 enterprise contact center decision-makers in the US, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Canada, Italy, and Australia.

Each iteration includes insights on:

  • The evolution of work-from-home CX delivery
  • The propensity of enterprises to outsource customer management
  • The most favored offshore CX delivery locations
  • Captive contact center investment flexibility
  • The key differentiators that enterprises seek in a CX outsourcing partner
  • Enterprise demand for advanced customer experience technologies
  • Business continuity priorities
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Market Insights

Identifying existing and emerging trends is difficult for CX executives at the best of times. By partnering with Ryan Strategic Advisory, you can tap into various insightful market analyses driven by the most recent data available.

Key services include:

  • Enterprise CX procurement trends
    Regularly updated information outlining the latest CX buying habits and operational challenges faced by enterprise contact centers
  • Front-office BPO pricing and cost benchmarking
    An assessment of how third-party providers price their front-line services both onshore and offshore, including cost breakdowns of various operational components
  • Provider benchmarking
    A detailed ranking of both leading and emerging front-office BPO providers, based on their capability to deliver specific solutions and services
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Brand Development

In the densely populated, competitive CX space, making your voice heard is imperative for winning new business.

By partnering with Ryan Strategic Advisory, you can ensure the maximum positive exposure possible through a selection of targeted brand development services.

  • Increase brand equity
    Communicate your unique value proposition with white papers and case studies tailored to a specific audience.
  • Live presentations
    Hosted live discussions about critical trends in CX and front-office BPO with existing or prospective clients. Held in various settings, such as an intimate round-table, large conference halls, or virtual meeting rooms, these live engagements are stimulating, thought-provoking, and guaranteed to garner attention.
  • Influencer relations
    Develop the reputation your brand needs to stand out in an ever-competitive industry. Ryan Strategic Advisory can help you influence leading market analysts, journalists, and consultants, who in turn impact enterprise buying decisions in your favor.
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Advisory Services

Working with Ryan Strategic Advisory, clients leverage almost two decades of bespoke experience with some of the world’s leading names in the customer experience service sector. Among the most important facets of this practice include:

  • Location analysis
    In-depth assistance in picking the right place in which to house a contact center deployment, including analyses of the local customer experience industry, competitive environment, labor demographics, language availability, and stability.
  • Vertical penetration strategies
    How best for front-office BPO providers and technology players to grow their presence in the key industries procuring customer experience services and solutions.
  • Business model optimization
    Ryan Strategic Advisory helps outsourcers drive high levels of customer experience using the best delivery platforms, in order to assist their enterprise clients win new end-users and retain existing ones.
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