Brand development

Developing a greater share of voice is imperative for business development in contact center services. Partnering with Ryan Strategic Advisory will help ensure the maximum positive exposure possible. This can be achieved by leveraging one or more of the following services:
Printed and digital communications

Printed and digital communications including case studies, white papers and webinars each designed to highlight the client’s key selling points.

Live presentations

Live presentations discussing key trends in the contact center outsourcing sector with existing clients or prospects is an area in which Peter Ryan excels.  Whether an intimate round-table setting or in front of a large audience, live engagements are stimulating, thought-provoking and guaranteed to garner attention

Influencer relations

Influencer relations are essential in developing the awareness that players in the contact center services space need to stand out in an ever-competitive industry.  Ryan Strategic Advisory works with outsourcers to develop the plan they need to influence leading journalists, market analysts and consultants.