Ryan Strategic Advisory is pleased to announce that it will unveil the much-anticipated top 5 most favored offshore contact center delivery points for 2019 at the upcoming exclusive CxOutsourcers event, which will be held on March 25 – 26.  CxOutsourcers brings together top-level customer experience services executives and market analysts from around the world in a two-day mindshare forum, in which the most important opportunities and challenges facing front-office BPO are discussed.  This year’s event will take place at the Sir Christopher Wren Hotel in Windsor UK.

The announcement of the top 5 most favored offshore locations will take place Monday March 25th at 3pm, just prior to an expert panel on offshoring that consists of Andrew Wrobel (chair), Kirk Laughlin, Amita Krishna, Vadim Anikanov, Michael Zdanowski and David Rumble.  Each of these individuals is an expert in the domain of offshore locations, and will provide flavor to the survey results, once they are presented. In addition, a detailed discussion of the 2019 results for those not in attendance will be uploaded the widely listened-to CX Files podcast, hosted by Mark Hillary.

The top 5 most favored offshore locations ranking is one of the most anticipated sets of data among front office BPO players and observers.  It is drawn from the Ryan Strategic Advisory Front Office Omnibus Survey, which annually collects the opinions of enterprise contact center decision-makers.  This year’s survey sounded nearly 500 respondents across Australia, Canada, France, Germany, the UK and the US.

‘The offshore delivery dynamic continues to change, and front office BPO executives need to be part of this evolution’ said Ryan Strategic Advisory Principal, Peter Ryan.  ‘Last year’s top 5 ranking was a mixture of both established locations and upstarts.  In 2019, with so much emphasis being placed on delivery point value, this year’s survey results could yield some surprises when the data comes in.’

More information on the CxOutsourcers mindshare event in Windsor can be found here.

To find out more about the 2019 Front Office Omnibus Survey, please contact Peter Ryan.