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Voxpro Acquisition Heightens TELUS International’s Competitive Positioning

By August 22, 2017January 10th, 2022No Comments

Global contact center outsourcing consolidation got a shot in the arm last week with the announcement that TELUS International would be acquiring Cork-headquartered Voxpro.  Not only does this purchase make commercial sense in terms of TELUS International’s efforts to increase its market share, it does so by buying one of the more disruptive players in the contact center space.  With this deal, TELUS International augments its already strong presence in important demand and delivery markets.  And, Voxpro provides access to some intriguing vertical opportunities, as well as a strong executive team that will join the combined entity’s leadership.

The announcement that TELUS International was buying Voxpro should come as no surprise.  After all, the Irish outsourcer has been one of the most active in the industry over the past two years.  As a company, Voxpro has been expanding within its native Ireland, the European nearshore and overseas. It has also been very aggressive in seeking out opportunities in different sectors, most notably the high-tech space, counting firms including Google and Airbnb among its more well-known clients.  In fact, Voxpro’s belief in the technology opportunity led it’s executives to most recently open a site in Silicon Valley.

As such, TELUS International should be heartened with its purchase.  The new entity, which will be known as ‘Voxpro – powered by TELUS International‘ affords the latter with several market advantages.  Not only does TELUS International grow its presence in the key nearshore / offshore delivery points of Romania and the Philippines, the deal also re-enforces its US presence.  This is especially important during a period in which more American enterprises are looking for domestic delivery capacity.  And, the fact that TELUS International now has access to the burgeoning Irish market provides the chance to enhance its nearshore delivery arm for the UK enterprise market.

TELUS International also stands to gain from Voxpro’s leadership in digital delivery.  Over the past few years, non-voice customer service has been one of Voxpro’s differentiators, and has arguably been one of its primary advantages in winning business from technology firms, especially those born of the digital generation.

But, what cannot be understated is the people aspect encompassed in this deal.  Notwithstanding the nearly 3,000 Voxpro employees that will soon be re-badged under TELUS International, the fact that the former’s co-founder Dan Kiely will be taking on an executive role within the new entity can only be seen as a competitive advantage.  After all, it was under Kiely’s leadership that Voxpro began its foray into emerging verticals and delivery models, acting as an iconoclastic influence within the broader front-office BPO space.  That other Voxpro executives such as Chief Commercial Officer Brian Hannon will also be joining TELUS International can only be seen as a competitive advantage over the long-term.

To be clear, the global contact center services space remains on a consolidation trajectory.  With the pick-up of Voxpro, TELUS International has just raised the competitive stakes.