If there is one consistency in the current contact center services marketplace, it is that of ongoing change.  So far in 2016, industry vendors, clients and observers have witnessed more frenetic strategic consolidation activity than at any point over the last decade.  In addition, the confusion that surrounds new solutions like robotic process automation is leading to discussions among CRM managers the world over, with the goal of better understanding how to harness the power of these emerging technologies.  Combined with omnipresent uncertainty in developed and emerging economies as well as political changes on the horizon in several key demand markets, the front office BPO sector has never been more interesting.

These are some of the key reasons why I have decided to return to the contact center outsourcing advisory game, after nearly a year of stimulating exposure to the provider side.

From the time that I joined the CRM sphere, I have watched, commented on and been a participant in some of the most interesting commercial developments that could be found in any industry.  Having had the chance to see the amazing work of vendors providing front-line and technology solutions to clients the world over has been a privilege, as has been the opportunity to provide my two cents on many of these events.

Starting today, this work continues in the form of Ryan Strategic Advisory, a boutique firm that is dedicated to providing clients across the contact center outsourcing sphere with the tailored services and research that they require to better compete in this fascinating space.  This will include not only consulting, but market-worthy content that will facilitate the right business decisions needed to better compete in a sector that continues evolve rapidly.  In fact, a great deal of this site will be dedicated to regular commentary on the key events taking place in the contact center outsourcing industry; whether it be consolidation, offshore developments, new delivery solutions or executive changes, no punches will be pulled in analyzing anything important facing front office BPO and those participating in it.  Check back frequently, there will be lots more to come on this front.

It’s great to be back; looking forward to what promises to be a stimulating ride!